Immersive Planet comprises a team of professionals with a wide experience in the design, development and and management of leisure, fun and edutainment concepts.

Our team includes theme and interior designers, architects, creative writers, engineers, game designers and programers, on-offline developers, AV and special techs mavericks, specialists of every art form, from illustration to music or video production  and experienced operations management professionals. An extensive group of creative talent and a seasoned management team that understands how to direct all the raw talent into the design and development of successful entertainment concepts.


Our offices in Europe, USA, Russia, Dubai and China allow us to be closer to our clients, while the internationality of our design team helps us understand the cultural peculiarities of each area. The result, greater efficiency and level of impact of our projects.

If we should describe what move us, we have it cristal clear: turning emotions into experiences and fantasy into reality.


IMMERSIVE PLANET GROUP is comprised by the following companies:



Immersive Planet Inc

IP owner of all original concepts produced by the group. Immersive Planet Inc is as well in charge of the investment area of new projects.


Immersive Planet Design

Creative core of the Imagineering Group. IPD scope include resorts and theme parks, FEC, museums, retail and original attractions and games design. Here’s where everything starts.


Immersive Technology

Technological branch of the group, where AV, sound, hardware, software and special technologies based projects are created and developed. Imagineers in this area work closely with IPD team.


Park Ops

Park Ops is the group branch focused in the field of operations, maintenance and security. It has a self-developed ticketing and operations management software that allows us to design tailor-made solutions for any kind of concept, providing our clients from feasibility plans to staff training in the area of parks operations.