Alex Fernández
Concept Artist


Alex has spent most of his 26 years in the Basque country, entertaining scribbling in blank notebooks and leaving his eyes red between digital screens, comics and video games, looking for a unique and personal style, or so he says.


He trained at the UPV and then moved to Barcelona to continue his training at the Joso school. He says he is able to draw and sometimes you can see that he puts his hand into things like storyboard, matte painting, animatics, concept art and comic.


Alex has worked with and for publishers, producers, agencies and studios doing a good performance, he is an organized person who can work cohesively on several projects simultaneously considering deadlines and adjusting to the briefing delivered. You will also see him with a coffee in hand (does not matter what time), be aware that if you take it off it is very likely that the boy will stop working.


If you need references you can call his grandmother, she will always tell you that he is a good boy.