August Banegas
Senior Project Manager / Head of Operations Manager


August firmly believes the entertainment industry has to be reoriented.

He has spent 90% of his professional career offering high level services to final users and from the very beginning August believed that the long success of business is not by selling at the best price or explaining how things are done. Using these methods, it is easy to be overcome, and earlier than you think. The clue of success is to spread an idea, spread like a virus (an idea is the most fantastic virus created by a human being), and this idea is: if you cross our doors, you will be immersed in a fantastic world. Crossing our turnstiles you will reach the Walhalla. That’s not an entrance. It is The Entrance, the Key to your paradise.

August is in this industry to have fun with his partners, his guests… all friends. Let’s go, all together through the looking glass!