Guille Castejón
"Dungeon Master"
Senior Creative Writer


Guille was born and raised in Barcelona, but every day he manages to travel to other dimensions and explore all kind of fantasy worlds. Then he comes back to earth and shares with the team those crazy and wonderful ideas that no one else could ever imagine. 


Dungeon Master in RPG games since he was twelve years old, Guille has been creating stories all his live. He studied Cinema and TV at Blanquerna University and a Master’s Degree in Copywriting at the Barcelona School of Creativity; worked for advertising and audiovisual companies as a copywriter & storyteller; travelled around the world to learn from other cultures and, if all that isn’t enough, he has produced several electronic music songs and is writing a fantasy novel. 


Creative, observer and strategic, Guille believes that behind the most creative ideas there is always curiosity, hard work and a small piece of madness.