JJ Garrigo

“The Shepherd”


International management executive and business entrepreneur, with extensive experience managing technology and real estate operations in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.


His career began at MCI Telecommunications where he oversaw top brand accounts including GM, EDS, and Chrysler. Later he transitioned to MCI International and Avantel in Mexico. During his tenure at MCI, which culminated in his role as VP of Sales and Global Accounts, Mr. Garrigo deftly directed branding for company customers, while managing a top marketing and sales group tasked with delivering results to the firm’s most strategic accounts.


A marketer by nature, Mr. Garrigo was recruited by Marcatel International to create a portfolio of new products to turn around a failing enterprise.  After a successful financial turnaround of Marcatel, Mr. Garrigo was recruited again, this time to become President of Telscape International’s Latin American operations.


He also served as President of Telereunion, one of seven regulated telecommunications companies in Mexico, from 2000-2004, managing a politically charged environment during a shareholder crisis precipitated by the company’s main shareholder bankruptcy. He successfully concluded the turnaround with the sale of the company to a larger competitor.


Since then, Jose Juan has been engaged in several business ventures, including a Real Estate development firm in Mexico, an international wholesale telecommunications enterprise, and start-up company endeavors such as Search Partners International, LLC in Michigan where he served as Chief Marketing Officer.


In his role at Immersive Planet, Jose Juan returns to the world of entertainment and Imagineering once again as he was part of the early development of Micropolix that his elder brother Joe L. Garrigo created. He is now responsible for North and South America areas and head of Immersive Planet's own IP projects and investment management. He is as well head of Immersive Planet's park operations systems developing branch, ParkOps.